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Assistance to State Forest Development agency under National Mission for Green India (GIM).

(i) Background:- The National Mission for Green India (GIM) was announced as one of the eight Missions under the National Action Plan on Climate Change(NAPCC).GIM is based on a holistic view of greening and focuses not on carbon sequestration targets alone, but, on multiple ecosystem services, especially, biodiversity, water, biomass, etc. along with climate adaptation and mitigation as eco-benefit. It has the following broad objectives:

I. Increased forest/tree cover and improved quality of forest/ tree cover of forest/non-forest lands

II. Improved/enhanced eco-system services like carbon sequestration and storage(in forests and other ecosystems), hydrological services, and biodiversity along with provisioning services like fuel, fodder, and timber and non-timber forest produces (NTFPs)

III. Increased forest-based livelihood income of households.

(i) Implementation Area:- This project is implemented in 5 Kandi Forest divisions i.e Ropar, SAS Nagar, Nawanshahr, Hoshiarpur, and Dasuya.